About me

Hello! I’m Ineke, the photographer behind IMAGES BY INEKE.
I am a Houston based Lifestyle & Senior portrait photographer.

  • I was born and raised in South Africa but due to the nature of my husband’s work, I have lived all over the world, including Australia, Canada and the US.
  • I adore my husband and 3 kids. They are my inspiration and my favourite subjects to photograph.
  • Over the last three years my interest in photography has evolved from a hobby I enjoy, into a creative outlet I am extremely passionate about.
  • As a former high school teacher, I really enjoy working with High school Seniors!
  • I love editing in black & white! WHY? I find that colour can sometimes be distracting and I love how taking the colour out of an image allows you to focus solely on the subject, the memory or the emotion captured.


For me, documenting the details of everyday life is just as important as documenting holidays, special milestones and celebrations. I truly believe it’s the ordinary moments that make extraordinary memories.

So, whether you are about to become a new mom, have just welcomed your new bundle of joy, are about to graduate from High School or are looking for some updated family photos, I would love the opportunity to capture YOUR story! I want to document all the things that make you/your family special and unique. I want you to have extraordinary memories that you can cherish forever.

© 2016 Images by Ineke | All rights reserved

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